Although we visited on a drizzly day, we really enjoyed spending a morning here. This 15th century château can be found just outside Castelnaud on the Southern side of the Dordogne. It is a very well kept château but it’s draw is that it was rented and subsequently owned by Josephine Baker, the famous American dancer who took Paris by storm in the early 20th century.

The castle dedicates itself to the history of her life, which was a very adventurous one – celebrated dancer, society girl, secret agent, civil rights activist and eventually bankrupted by her love of the chateau.

The grounds have stunning gardens and there is also a bird show daily. There is also a nice brasserie in the outbuildings. However the life of Ms Baker is the real attraction with many of her costumes on show as well as the story of her renovations of the estate and her amazing life.

More information on opening times and tariffs can be found on the Château des Milandes website.