Open every day of the year, and well worth a visit, is the small Château of Marqueyssac and it’s beautiful ‘hanging gardens’.

Perched on top of a rocky outcrop overlooking the Dordogne, the gardens are billed as ‘the most spectacular panorama of the Dordogne’, and we cannot disagree!

The gardens are amazing, and there are several kilometres of walking trails through them. A bonus for us is that dogs are allowed in the gardens and we were able to tire out the whippets before enjoying a really lovely lunch on the Château’s fabulous restaurant terrace. There are spectacular views from every angle, whether you are looking at the breathtaking sights across the valley from Marqueyssac’s high vantage point or whether you are looking at the stunning details in the gardens themselves.

There is also a Via Ferrata parcours which we haven’t tried yet but is something we hope to do next year.

More information can be found on the Marqueyssac website.

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