One of the great local activities/attractions and only 2 and a half kilometres away from La Blanquette is La Forêt des Ecureuils Parcours Aventure, or ‘Squirrel Forest Adventure Course’!

This is a high-ropes treetop adventure course for those who have a head for heights!

There are many courses which are colour graded from white (baby!) and green (easy/junior) through red and black (scary!).

For those not wanting to fly through the air on high wires there is a cafe and there are plenty of picnic spots to watch the aerial adventures and enjoy a drink… (below)

Our tester-in-chief, Shannon, loved the park and particularly enjoyed the Black Run Aerial Death Slide; her co-tester was not so sure it was his favourite but they both celebrated cheating death with a well deserved soft drink and beer after several hours of swinging through the trees… (below).

Click here for ‘La Forêt des Ecureuils Parcours Aventure’ website.